Your Guide to All Things Aruba

About this time last year I moved to Austin, only to spend most of the year traveling. Well, it looks like 2016 isn't going to be any different. Only a week into the new year I hopped on a plane and headed to Aruba!

Where to Stay: There are a lot of amazing resorts on the island.  I'm sure that's why most people visit, right?! 
The Holiday Inn looked incredible! We stayed at the Marriott for most of our stay, but also found an amazing apartment on Airbnb to check out other parts of Aruba.

Where to Eat: I could have had Zeerovers every single day. It was by far the best food we had on the trip. The menu consists of fish and shrimp, all priced by weight. Get a little bit of everything and grab a bucket of Balashi beers. Check out Happy Hour at ArubaVille and make sure you eat at Marina Pirata. And lastly, don't leave before trying a dutch pancake at Linda's and get the "special coffee" with your order. 

Eat everything at Zeerovers

Things to Do: Scuba dive with Mermaid Dive Center. They came highly recommended to us and they absolutely lived up to the high praise! Rent a Jeep and take an adventure to the Natural Pool. It's one of the most stunning views I've ever seen. Go snorkeling and party with the Jolly Pirates and if you want a really silly but fun night of partying, hop on the Kukoo Kunuku

Stunning views at the Natural Pool
If you want to relax and do a whole lot of nothin', Aruba is perfect. But if you want to snorkel, dive, 4x4, eat, drink, and adventure as much as possible, Aruba is also perfect! You certainly won't run out of options and there's definitely something for everyone. Always stop and take time to soak in the incredible sunsets.

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