We Need a Cute Sweater Party

Sure, ugly sweater parties sound kind of cute or kitschy the first time you're invited to one. Then you're invited to another and then another and then the novelty starts to wear off. Then you find yourself swapping sweaters with a friend so you don't have to keep wearing the same ugly red sweater with tinsel and a giant reindeer with a blinking nose. After about your third or fourth ugly sweater party you start to shop for new ugly sweaters.

You go to Goodwill and other thrift stores to hunt for a sweater, but this time of year those hideous sweaters become harder and harder to find. It's difficult to find a secondhand ugly sweater because a million other high schoolers, college kids and adults who should know better have snatched them all. Once you've spent $40 on a disgusting Santa sweater with gifts stapled to it you know it's gone too far.I say we ditch the heinously tacky Christmas sweaters and played out party theme and start wearing cute sweaters again! Spend your money on sweaters you won't be embarrassed to be seen by anyone outside of the party.
I'm All Linears Sweater ModCloth.com

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