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Save money, earn money, and hey... discover something new. Here are (almost) all of my favorite products and services. Try em out for free or at a great discount with my referral links and codes.

Money Saving Tips While Traveling

Most people want to travel, but many put it on the back burner due to busy schedules and, of course, lack of funds. If money is what's holding you back from exploring a new location and visiting a place you’ve always wanted to see, start packing your bags because here are some proven ways that you can travel to just about anywhere in the world without breaking the bank. I've already shared my favorite tips and ways to make more money to travel, and here are my tips for saving while you're on the road.

You Can Afford to Travel: How to Save and Make Money to See the World

Whenever I chat with people about my travels or my next adventure, one question always comes up: "How do you afford it?" Just so you know, I'm not a full time traveler. I don't get paid to travel. I'm not independently wealthy and I didn't fall into a large amount of money or marry rich. I'm also not an extreme saver or super budget traveler. I'm just a girl who loves to travel and tries to find ways to make it work. I'm always trying to save and make some extra cash and looking for ways to save while I'm traveling. Here are some of my favorite tips and sites.

All Things Lisbon

Portugal was on my list for quite some time, so when I saw Web Summit was going to be in Lisbon this year I figured it was time to just go for it. It had so much charm and honestly the best seafood I've ever had. If you're thinking about heading to Lisbon, do it! And here's what you should check out. 

48 Hours in New Orleans

Start your morning by getting breakfast at The Ruby Slipper (they have multiple locations so you can pick the one closest to you). Oh, and get the bananas foster French toast. It's heavenly. Or go get actual bananas foster at Brennan's on Royal St. in the quarter. Super fancy pants and has a delicious brunch. And it’s where bananas foster was invented. 

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