Fashion Startup: Borrowed Closet

This summer I attended weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and a bunch of other events and I found myself wearing the same dress to several of them. No one wants to be the girl in the same dress all the time and not too many girls can shell out for a new dress for every event or party. Enter Borrowed Closet, a new fashion rental service that launched last week.

Borrowed Closet is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to your dream closet, of course making you feel just like Cher Horowitz. For $29.95 a month members get 100 credits to rent designer quality clothing, accessories and handbags. As soon as you're done with your rentals, just ship them back and choose new items.

I honestly couldn't begin to tell you how many items I've purchased and worn just a couple times and then they're donated, sold online, or just continue sit in my closet. Now I feel like I have an endless closet at my fingertips. I've just made my first rental for a dress and clutch that I'll wear to my bridal shower later this month. Squee! I can't wait!
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