The Ultimate New Orleans Cocktail Tour

Ready to drink your way through New Orleans? Grab your walking shoes and this list. Sorry bros, no Hand Grenades here.

The Sazerac Bar - The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel 130 Roosevelt Way
Start with a Sazerac of course, and then a Gin Fizz. It does not disappoint. This place is as classy as they come. 

French 75 - 813 Rue Bienville
Just like at The Sazerac Bar, you have to get their namesake drink. Another classic bar with stellar bartenders. 

SoBou - 310 Chartres St
A Sidecar Named Desire and The Parakeet Nordine are their must-try cocktails. And you absolutely have to get their Yellowfin Tuna Cones. Yes, it sounds super weird, but they're incredible!

Kingfish - 337 Chartres St
If you like Aviations, order an Amelia Earhart and grab an order (or two) of their fried boudin balls. If you need something big and really strong, order the Pimm's Cup.

Latitude 29321 N Peters St
Possibly my favorite stop on this list. A fun tiki bar with incredible drinks. The Rose Tattoo is beyond amazing and if you have a group get one of their communal cocktails. 

Pat O’Brien’s - 718 St Peter St
A super old bar with a nice courtyard. It wouldn't be a trip to New Orleans without having THE famous (and strong!) Hurricane. Snack on some alligator nuggets as well.

Cane and Table - 1113 Decatur St
Their cocktail list is quite extensive and extremely creative, so order the first thing that jumps out at you. They're all delicious so you can't go wrong, but start with their daily punch. If you really can't decide, pick a name you like... Anything for Selena.

Angeline - 1032 Chartres St
With cocktails like Evil Redhead and Strong Female Lead, why wouldn't you go here? The Just a Mortal is also excellent.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar 941 Bourbon St
It's one of the oldest bars in the country (allegedly the oldest!) and you have to go to at least one bar on Bourbon Street, right? This one is the best. Grab another Hurricane before you head out.

Meauxbar - 942 N Rampart St
Congrats! You made it to the last stop. To celebrate get a Hanky Panky, a Last Word Snowball,  and some chicken liver pâté. 

Well there you have it, a cocktail tour of New Orlean's best. Cheers!
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