Kitchen Confession: I Can't Cook (But I'm Learning)

Photo via flickr.
Frozen, pre-made, store bought, take out, just add water, instant and re-heat were the only words in my cooking vocabulary. If you looked into my fridge you would have found only a pack of ketchup, cookie dough, soy milk and maybe some sliced prepackaged cheese. I could count the number of meals I had made on less than one hand. I just didn’t cook.

I never liked to admit I don’t, and can’t, cook. I was embarrassed because I naively thought everyone could cook and I was the one who couldn’t and even thought guys wouldn’t want to date me. I’m sure we’ve all heard “the way to man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Over the last year I’ve finally been assisting in the kitchen. I have successfully learned how to slice, dice, simmer and saute. Aside from accidentally purchasing crème fraîche ice cream instead of crème fraîche, I’d like to think I’m getting pretty good in the kitchen. I’ve only made a couple meals from scratch solo, but I’m finally starting to enjoy cooking.

I’ll admit I am lucky enough to have a major foodie/practically gourmet chef teaching me but I’ve been learning a ton from Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals iPhone App, The Food Network’s YouTube channel and from the lovely Miss Sharon Vaknin’s Flavor Craft:

Hopefully I’ll share more of my own cooking adventures soon!
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