New Year, New Attitude

Well it’s a over a week into the new year. Are you keeping your resolutions? Like pretty much everyone else I want to work on my fitness, organization, budget, friendships and about a million other things this year. I may have found my key for staying on track with my goals. I’m going to attack them one at a time.

This month I am focusing on health and fitness. I started with getting my yearly checkup and going to the dentist. I used ZocDoc to find recommended doctors covered by my insurance and even booked my appointments online (and they have an iPhone app!). As for the fitness part I’m continuing to exercise with Bodylastics bands and It is the only workout routine I’ve stuck with longer than a couple weeks, so I’m not going try to fix what isn’t broken. I recently picked up a bike at a charity garage sale and I’ve started biking to work.

In February I’m going to work more on organization and de-cluttering my life. This is going to include everything from cleaning out my closet, keeping lists and even organizing my computer files. I’ll definitely use a lot more of my favorite app Wunderlist and I want to try 40 bags in 40 days.

Other areas I want to focus on over the year are budgeting/saving, reading more, starting a new hobby, hanging out with friends and continuing to surround myself with amazing and inspiring people. By tackling them and focusing on one a month I won’t overwhelm myself and I won’t try to do too much at once. I'll build on each month and slowly add more goals.

I’ve also created a GSD playlist on Spotify and a Pinterest board to help keep me motivated. What are some of your new goals? Any tricks or tips to staying on track?
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