DIY Jewelry Oraganizer

As part of my New Year's resolutions, February has been deemed my get organized month. First I decided to go to battle against the giant tangled jewelry monster that invaded my closet.

To prepare for combat I armed myself with:
1) An old bulletin board
2) Some patterned contact paper
3) A pack of hooks
4) Scissors

I cut a piece of contact paper just larger than my bulletin board, peeled the back off, and carefully stuck it to my board. After cutting around the edge of the board to remove the excess contact paper, I started to screw in my hooks. Place as many as you want all over the board, but keep in mind what kind of pieces you'll want to hang from each hook. I placed most of mind toward to the top edge since I have a lot of longer necklaces.

After creating my board I managed to untangle all my jewelry. It was an epic fight, but I defeated the massive jumbled mess of jewelry and now I finally have a place to put everything. Here's my finished jewelry organizer!

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