Said Yes to the Boy, Date, Place, and the Dress! Now What?

Photo via Bridal Musings.
After being engaged for just about 5 months, we've finally started planning. To be honest I really enjoyed just being engaged and day dreaming about the special day.

I was a little scared to dive into actual wedding planning and setting a date and writing checks because I thought that's when all the stress would come. I was under the impression trying to organize people, dates, vendors, payments, flowers and little details would turn me into a bridezilla and everything would stress me out.

As much as I loved day dreaming, I'm happy to say we've found our venue, set our date, and picked out my dress! I'm getting married in October and so far everything is just falling into place. I'm still waiting for that stress monster to creep up and throw a wrench in. Hopefully this isn't the calm before the storm. ;)
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