Obvious Advice: 10 Things To Start, Stop, or Get Over

1.) Don't sweat the small stuff. "Don't sweat" doesn't mean ignore or sweep under the rug. Also, don't be so focused on the big picture that you forget about the small things. Take pleasure in those little things. Let small fights, small stresses, and little blemishes go. Hold on to the little things that make you smile, the little jokes that make you crack up, and cherish the little things every day.

2.) Do what makes you happy. Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something you absolutely love. Talking to an old friend, writing a sci-fi short story, running around your neighborhood, or just dancing around to a couple of your favorite songs will help keep that smile on your face the rest of the day.

3). Hand write something. Write a thank you note or send a friend a card. Put birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and just becauses on your calendar and send a personal note when it comes around.

4.) Stop holding grudges. Say it out loud. If something is really bothering you, say it out loud. It can be to yourself or your dog if you don't want someone else to hear. Say the entire reason why something is upsetting you. Most of the time you'll realize how ridiculous it sounds. After you're over it, go apologize.

5.) Unplug every now and then. Go out to dinner without your cell phone, plan a weekend with no Internet. You won't die, I promise. Enjoy life without distractions for a little bit at least once a week. While you're at it, go do something by yourself every now and then too.

6.) Get shit done. Avoiding projects, due dates, chores, and anything you just don't want to do will pile up. Make a to do list and just go do it. Stop making excuses and find the time. You have to make things happen instead of sitting around waiting for them.

7.) Laugh. If you're sad, stressed, angry, lonely, or happy you need to remember to laugh. Go to YouTube and type in something silly like cats with lightsabers. Whatever you type, they'll probably be a funny video for it. Take that stick out of your bum and laugh at a childish joke, laugh at yourself, who cares, just laugh.

8.) Stop acting like a baby. Don't whine, complain, or throw tantrums like a baby. It's not cute at any age. Don't be an old stick in the mud either. Act like a really awesome kid. Play games (of the board and video kind). Race, skip, jump, and make up games in the car. Find shapes in the clouds and stars. Remember all the fun and imaginative things you did as kid and do them... after you get shit done of course.

9.) Have a routine. Without being a crazy pants robot, have a daily routine. Whether it's a workout or an early morning dance party, having something consistent will help reduce stress and feeling chaotic.

10.) Be nice! Say please and thank you. Pay the bridge toll for someone behind you. Hold the door open. Smile at a stranger. Hold the elevator. Also surround yourself with nice people. Bitterness is contagious, but so are smiles.
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