New Year's Resolutions: Staying Motivated

Yikes, is it really almost February?! The first month of 2013 is coming to an end and many New Year's Resolutions are probably already broken. Why is that burst of motivation and determination for new beginnings so fleeting? It's so easy to say you're going to workout more, save more money, go out less, travel more. What is it that keeps us from actually doing it? Have you ever stuck to any of your resolutions? 

Last year I decided to tackle each "resolution" at different points throughout the year instead of all at once. I got my health and fitness on track early on in the year and I'm happy to say I've stuck to it and even stepped it up more this year. This year I'm giving up (ok, cutting back) soda and I've only had 1 Diet Coke this month. I had a few setbacks throughout 2012, but I definitely got a great start and I'm still heading in the right direction with all my goals. Still working on my organization and cooking skills!

Last year I learned staying motivated is the hardest part, the actual action is what's easy. You just have to get over that first hurdle. I wake up, and tell myself I have to do it and know that I'll feel better after. My mantra has been, "Suck it up Princess! Time to GSD!" There is no other option. No saying "I'll do it later" and absolutely no excuses. Just do it. 

Turn your resolution into a game, make it fun and give yourself a reward. Do whatever it takes to get it done. If you've tried something a million times, figure out why you stopped and try coming at it in a different way. Maybe it's the way you're thinking about the action, and not the actual action itself.

Ultimately it's all about the journey and growing and changing over time. Don't focus on the end result and take each day at time. Start making those small decisions that add up to better life choices.

How do you stay motivated?
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