Obvious Advice: Dating Dos and Don'ts

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to dating and you shouldn't listen to anything that I say but...

  • Don't complain about being single. Don't talk about how awesome being single is either. Everyone already knows and they don't care.
  • Do what feels right when it comes to sex. Almost every dating advice article and site says no sex on the first date or no sex before monogamy. Seriously? Why? I'll fully admit I've hooked up on a first date (sorry Mom!) and in my case I ended up marrying the guy. You should do whatever you want and whatever feels right.
  • Don't talk about how not domestic you are. Status updates about not being able to cook or take care of yourself aren't as adorable as you think they are. 
  • Do make those wedding (and baby!) Pinterest boards private until you're seeing someone and you're engaged! Obviously don't bring up marriage all the time.
  • Don't lie to people you're seeing. Be open and honest if you're seeing other people. No need to play games or try to hide things.
Lastly, do make your own dos and don'ts, but don't be afraid to throw your rules out the window. Break your rules, but not your standards.
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