I Love Boxes: Juniper & Popbasic

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. I love subscription boxes. It all started with my monthly Birchbox of beauty products. But what's not to love about trying new things, getting products you might not normally pick out for yourself, getting surprises, and getting something fun other than bills conveniently sent your mailbox each month? My latest box obsession is Juniper and Popbasic.

*Full disclosure: I'm pals with both the founders, but rest assured my opinions are most definitely my own and as their friend I'd tell them if their products sucked.

Juniper is for that special time of the month. Each box comes with tampons, panty liners, wipes, and the always needed package of Midol all customized based on your preferences. I was also pleasantly surprised with the tea, body wash, snacks, chocolate and other treats to make that not-so-fun time of the month a little more bearable. Seriously, the only thing this box is missing is a monthly playlist.

The biggest plus of the $28/month subscription is the discrete packaging and you can time your subscription delivery to sync with your cycle. I'm so looking forward to not getting stares at emergency trips to Walgreen's for giant boxes of tampons and pints of Chunky Monkey.

I'm also totally crushing on Popbasic's monthly miro-collections. Each month features different high quality basics and trendy pieces to add into your wardrobe. I know a lot of women wouldn't want to get the same dress, bag, accessories as someone else, but what really drew me to these collections is seeing just how differently people style the pieces. Each month's box ranges from $50 to $100 and you're not obligated to buy each month's collection, but they're so great you'll probably want to.

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My obsession will mostly likely continue for a while because I also just signed up for Nerd Block. Are you obsessed with subscriptions too? Which ones?
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